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she’ll be with you through it all…

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"The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future…are my privilege."

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john watson + mary morstan

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Why John Truly Forgave Mary

Because I’ve had this written since the day after His Last Vow premiered, and I feel like it is sorely needed. Enjoy!

1) Love  


                Quite simply, John Watson loves his wife more than anything in the world.  He married her because he couldn’t live without her, and vice-versa.  Even the most skeptical have to admit that John and Mary are a perfect match, a duo that cannot be stopped.

                John is madly in love with Mary from the first moment we see them together.  That love is challenged, however, when the truth about Mary’s past comes out.  John is hurt at her lie, there is no denying it.  He spends months dwelling on what happened and trying to make a decision on what to do concerning the future of Dr. and Mrs. Watson.  In the end, though, just as it had done to Mary, sentiment got the best of him. 

                John’s love for his wife is greater than anything that she has ever done.  As 1 Peter 4:8 says, “love covers a multitude of sins.”  In John’s eyes, her past failings are forgotten.  He reveals this when he throws the memory stick with her all of her past documented upon it into the fire.  It doesn’t matter to John what mistakes Mary made when she was younger.  His love outweighs them.  And John loves Mary Watson for the woman she is now at this moment, not for who she was.  He cannot live without her.  As a favorite Doctor Who quote says: “Not everything ends.  Not love.  Not always.”  John’s love for Mary is unconditional.  Nothing Mary has done or will ever do can change how he feels for her.

                John says “the problems of your past are your business.  The problems of your future are my privilege.”  Despite the past, John knows that he wants to be in Mary’s future and that she wants to be in his.  They need each other.  The strength of his love allowed John to forgive his wife, and that’s all.

2) His Daughter.


Though not even born yet, John’s daughter has a very important part to play in her father’s decision to forgive Mary.  As we see in The Sign of Three, John is overjoyed at the prospect of a child.  He obviously already loves his daughter, so naturally, once she is born, he wants to be there for her in any way he can.  He wants to see her when she is born.  He wants to teach her how to do things.  He wants to comfort her in times of need.  All this he cannot do, however, if he does not forgive his wife.

                John is not one to shirk his responsibilities.  Though easily angered, he does not let it get in the way of him doing something that really matters.  So when faced with the decision of either forgiving Mary and being able to love and see his daughter constantly or not forgiving Mary and having limited time with his daughter, it is obvious what he should choose.  Mary should be forgiven so that the future Ms. Watson can have both a loving father and mother to rely upon.

  3) He Understood Mary’s Recent Actions.


Though it is not always apparent, John is a very understanding person.  He is able to put himself in others’ situations and feel what they must be going through.  This is what he did with Mary.  In the months between Mary’s revelation and Christmas, John must have put himself in her shoes hundreds of times.  He understood why she changed her identity.  He respected her attempt to rebuild her life into something more respectable.  After all, He knew firsthand how hard it was to rebuild one’s life.

                He also knew that Mary fiercely loved him and their daughter. Yes, Mary neglected to tell him her past because she could not bear to lose his love, but she also did it to protect him as well.  When Charles Augustus Magnussen found out her secret, Mary knew she had to act to protect John and their daughter.  Mary would not have threatened Magnussen if they had not been in the picture.  She did not want her past actions to ruin and endanger the life John had built.  She did not want her daughter’s future to be clouded.  So it was for her family that Mary put on her old gear and walked back into her past for a brief moment.  It was for them that she shot Sherlock and briefly put Magnussen out of action. 

                Once John realized Mary’s sacrifice and that she had been completely selfless in all her actions, he forgave her.  He knew the premise of what she had done in her past, but he also knew what she had done in the present.  She had developed into the woman he loved, and he knew he could trust her now.

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"They’re right about you. You’re a bloody psychopath."
“High functioning sociopath… With your number.”

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