I will not have you dying on my behalf, do you hear me? If I have to take that long walk to the executioner’s block, I don’t want to see your head already mounted.

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i’m tired of hearing people say things like “don’t praise tyrion for not raping sansa, you don’t get cookies for not being a rapist” like i get your point and it’s perfectly valid but there’s so much more to it than that

remember when tyrion was sexually abused by his father? you know, the LAST TIME he was married? the last time tyrion got married his father forced him to watch his wife be raped by dozens of men before being forced to rape her himself. tysha was around sansa’s age at the time(as was tyrion himself).

this could be contradicted by the text(i haven’t read the books in months) so forgive me if i’m totally off here, but i feel like tyrion’s wedding night represents so much more than just “not being a rapist.” tyrion is TERRIFIED of tywin and usually does whatever he says because of that fear. and in a society where marital rape isn’t even considered rape, and straight up RAPE isn’t even penalized among most high borns, he could easily have gotten away with forcefully consummating his marriage to please his father.

but he didn’t. and again, this isn’t about “not being a rapist,” to me, it seems so much more. i feel like it represents tyrion standing up to his abuser, refusing to be forced to rape another child bride at his father’s command. not only that, but refusing to harm another innocent out of fear of his father. tyrion is sexually attracted to sansa and again, could easily have gotten away with raping her(even though she was giving what could be considered dubious consent[please let me know if i’m using that word incorrectly], which in westeros would be recognized as full consent and thus not recognized as rape by their society, despite her being a preteen and unable to give real consent[much like daenerys]) but he didn’t. he resisted sexual urges and an(outwardly) willing bride AND fear of his father, and said “this is wrong, i won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.” he’s not only standing up to his father/abuser and protecting innocents, but he’s respecting a woman’s choice and right to say no, even if she is willing to sit through sex dutifully.

i mean, everyone thinks khal drogo is a great guy for asking daenerys for consent before consummating(which i myself think is impressive considering HIS culture, but still) but say “don’t give tyrion props for being decent” like i don’t get that? tyrion had more pressure to consummate his marriage to HIS child bride than drogo did(though drogo lives in a culture where rape is 100% acceptable) but somehow drogo is the good guy here? daenerys and sansa both gave dubious underage consent here, tyrion was the one who held back anyway but drogo’s the one the fandom gives “cookies” for “not being a rapist?” i digress, this meta isn’t about dany and drogo, it’s about tyrion.

context is important in this situation, the context of westerosi culture and society, and the context of tyrion’s past marriage and sexual abuse. i was proud of tyrion when i saw this in the show and read it in the books because he was standing up against tywin to protect himself and other innocents when he could easily have taken the (debatably)easier route and done what society would allow him to do in order to save his own ass. he could have saved himself the trouble and obeyed his father, the most powerful and terrifying man in the realm, but he didn’t. whether he did it to keep a clear conscience, to keep his new wife from hating him, to protect the weak, or just to resist his father, he resisted pressure from society and the man he fears most to respect a young girl’s choice and his own. that’s why i was proud of tyrion on his wedding night.

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Mr. Gold's teeth- The Snarl
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#THEHUNTINGPARTY Recording Sessions. (part II)

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Sassy Jon Snow

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Tyrion Lannister in 4x03, ‘Breaker of Chains’

…for his failings.

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Reactions to Joffrey being Joffrey during the Purple Wedding.

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